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PAR and Clams

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I am in the planning stages of a new tank after several years away from the hobby.and had some questions i was hoping i could get answers before i commit to to much expense.


This Set of questions pertain to clams specifically T. crocea, But i would love to know about all species.

            I have searched high and low and i am coming up blank with answers to the PAR Question!

01. Par levels Specifically PAR not watts per gallon?

          I will most likely try to build a LED system so i really Need PAR requirements for these Clams.

02. Has anyone kept a T. crocea in a !0 gallon What worked for you?

03. Will Mini Anemones kill it off Not the Maxi, the truly mini that stay quarter sized. (Where Can get some minis 6 months from now)?

04. Will an AC 70 and Koralia Nano(240GPH) be to much flow In the  10 AGA?

05. Feeding of Clam What and how often?

06. Planning on 2.5 gallon Kalkwasser tank with dosing pump Any suggestions to keep it running smooth?



That is all i can think of for now But knowing me there will be more!


Thank you In advance.



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