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Stick with Koralia nano 565? Or evo 600/850??


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I was cleaning my Koralia evo 850 and coating the impeller rod with vaseline, when I noticed a crack in the casing. 😱. Inspect equipment regularly!



I have a koralia nano 565 as backup but not too sure that’s enough supplemental flow in my jbj 28g?  All corals seem to very slightly sway with it, however appears I have a couple dead spots.


I don’t think I want another Koralia 850 because the flow was so strong my little shrimp wouldn’t come out much and my lps on the substrate seemed to have their polyps thrown around a bit too much—even with flow pointing up from low to high.


I noticed there is a Koralia evo 600...so like 35 g more than my backup 565 nano, yet seems seems kind of negligible. It does appear much bigger tho, so will that help distribute more diffused flo?  


Should I just get another Koralia 850? 🤯





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