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Yellow Tang Bully!


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I think my yellow tang is killing other fish. I have had him for about 2 years now along with a clown fish. I used to have a yellow damsel, yellow taled blue damsel, and 4 stripe damsel also. over the course of the last year I lost all but the tang and clown. I though it was the green starfish I added. So I put the starfish in the fuge. I then tried to add a damsel to the tank and found him dead 3 weeks later. Didn't now why. A few weeks ago I added a rayal gramma. I was quite pissed the other day when I found him dead also. I havn't seen my tang kill any fish yet but could he be the one that is doing this? I don't think anything else in my tank could kill a fish.

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I would really like to add more fish but I don't want to keep adding one $$$ fish a month and have the tang kill them. I would love to see more color in the tank and I think a few yellow tailed blue damsels would be great, cheap, and hardy. Plus I have a 10gal sump and 3 gal fuge and ok skimmer so I could def handle the load. I just want to know if the tang will try to kill them all. I heard that in some cases adding 4 or 5 fish lowers agression instead of just one.

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