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live rock verses skimmer newbe ?

dan d

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Hello everyone, this is my first question, and I know it has probably been asked before.(sorry) I have used the search to try and find an answer but nothing specific. I have a 15 gallon long tank with good corallife lighting about 15 pounds of live sand and 15 pounds of live rock. 1 damsel fish, 3 very small blue legged hermits and 3 snails. also 2 small powerheads. my lfs said If this is all I keep I will not need filtration. I would like to try some coral and have some started already on the live rock. (note)If the hermits get big or cause problems they will be gone. I am doing a 1.5 gallon change weekly and dont mind doing it. Can I get away without a filter? I do not want to add a protien skimmer ? I just dont like all the clutter on a small tank a 30+ gallon setup I understand. What other recomendations do you have for me to stay filterless and skimmerless. thanks

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corals dont have much of a bio-load, so as long as you stay away from coral types that require super clean water your fine. zoos, mushrooms, ricordias are some that would be fine. just dont get many more fish and you should be fine.


to be honest i think you are a little light on rock, but some rock will come with whatever corals you get.




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Thank you for a fast reply nalbar, I forgot to say I have 2 duster worms. maybe 1 or two more to be added. only want 1 fish because I know more would be asking for trouble. I would like to add a wormrock and more live rock is not a problem.

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