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Reaper's 57 Gallon Mixed Reef

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Refugium update! Purchased a light and gooseneck off of Amazon!


* Miya - 100W Led Grow Light Bulb


* WYZM - 15" Adjustable and Flexible Aquarium Light Bulb Holder Gooseneck Clamp for NANO Tanks






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Also here's some picture I just took of the tank 🙂20180717_180521.thumb.jpg.10eab6668a3e7be08ff9f61b030b5116.jpg





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Update again! Added two kpm wavemakers and boy are they strong (I'm worried to strong as my frogspawn is mad that they came on at 100%) I have them both running at 15% max. Are they set up correctly and any pointers you guys can give? Here's my frogspawn now vs the other day.




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Remove the two kpms as it was way to much flow sadly so back to the single kps till I buy another. Also bought a trio of blue Caribbean crhomis. 5 asstrea snails. 5 zebra hermit crabs and 12 TINY blue legged dwarf hermits. Also got a blue wrasse who I'm surprised lived through the night. These were taken Tuesday last week. Also got a pink torch coral. I'll attach pictures including the wrasse the day I got him. 







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Hello everyone! Just an update on my tank. Life has been very busy lately but wanted to share what's going on. With the tank since my last update. 


All 3 chromis died for some reason. The dotty back is still in the tank being himself(pretty sure he killed the wrasse last week). The tank now homes a yellow eyed tang, gold blenny and a very recent candy candy hogfish.


On the coral front weve added a montipora undata frag, and one unknown monti frag I got from my lfs. As well as two ora hammer frags.  Also added a derrasa clam about a month ago who is doing very well.


As far as tank health it's doing well. Just finished combating red cyno algea with amazing success thanks to chemi clean, though it did take about a week compared to the 48 hours it claims. Below are pictures :). Also going to be starting the Triton method this week. Have the core 7 and sending in my water sample. As of right now the only dosing Is amino acids.








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