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Grace Sky

Why did my anemone die?

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I have an 100 gallon tank in my house and recently i bought a green bubble tip anemone and a lightning maroon clownfish as a pair. The anemone was healthy and i fell in love with it. I dont know the reason but after two weeks, the anemone started loosing color and eventually got flipped inside out so you could see his guts.(it died)

Anybody have any ideas why it died because i also have a rose bubble tip and it didnt die.( both anemones were in my aquarium at the same time) and only one died.

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My guess is you didn't feed it enough. Sometimes clowns will rob food from nems and most nems like to eat.

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It could have gotten damaged when it was removed when you purchased it.  Was it shipped or did you buy it locally?

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