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Newish JBJ 30RL Water Cycling

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My initial setup for cycling
I have a (and have used):

JBJ 30 Rimless Tank

RODI water (tested ZERO everything) mixed with

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (to 1.025)

Tropic Eden ReefFlakes

Dry Rock

Seachem Stability

'ghost fed' Formula Two Marine Pellets (small)

Carbon Bags and some dry rock rubble in bags in the side towers

Media Reactor w/ Two Little Fishies Bio Plastics and Innovative Marine Carbon 


I upgraded the pumps to a larger single and lighting is a Current USA Orbit IC Pro 24".

I tested the water every other day for 30 days, and I have not seen any results above zero.  Ph is good, everything seems fine.  I want to add livestock/corals/ anything, but it seems like the tank has never cycled?  Am I over filtering?  Is the water too clean?  I haven't done any water changes.  Should I find a small live rock at a LFS for a boost?  How long to wait? 

I have been in and out of the salt tank hobby for over 20 years and I have never had a tank not cycle?

Suggestions are appreciated!

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Did you ever have an ammonia or nitrite spike as you were testing? Usually the recommendation is to put in a bottle of bacteria (although not necessary, just speeds up the process) and dose ammonia to roughly 2ppm when you are doing a dry rock cycle, and then when your tank can process 2ppm ammonia in 24hrs it is ok to start adding some livestock slowly. 


No point in running carbon during your cycle but its past that point now so it doesn't much matter. 

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You don’t actually have to add ammonia to initiate a cycle. Nature will do it all for you but, it’ll take much longer than 30 days. 

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With dry rock you need to add an ammonia source (pure ammonia/Dr. Tim's ammonia) and bacteria to get the cycle started otherwise it will take a lot longer than 30 days to cycle.


Ghost feeding pellets is not reliable and adds unwanted nutrients in the tank.



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