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Alkalinity depleted over hours!!!!

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9 minutes ago, seabass said:

Not at all.  I just wanted to emphasize that 100% water changes are safe to do (bacterially speaking). :smilie:


The large swings in parameters are perhaps a bigger concern.  And while a 100% change should rebalance the tank's water chemistry, it will cause yet another swing.  It might even introduce some ammonia (which is a more common contaminate in salt mix than most realize).  Although, it might still be worth it.  It would certainly be easier than trying to fix through dosing.


Perhaps a series of large-ish changes would move the parameters in the right direction without such a sudden change.  Although I don't know that another major swing is going to make a lot of difference at this point. :unsure:

Reset by large or %100 WC is the easiest approach without guessing game. At the same time, (as you mentioned) reset will create a bit of a rollercoaster. Personally, I have never done a %100 WC or anything even close to it, so IDK what kind of a spike and  shock it can cause?

personally, I would support your approach of a few or several large WC instead of a dramatic reset, but it’s not my tank.  


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What about concerns with exposing the gorgonian to air during a 100% water change? I’ve had to trim off the tips of one of my gorgs where it sticks out of the water during my water changes because the polyps stopped extending on the part that gets the exposure... 

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6 hours ago, Aurortpa said:

Is that safe? Will the rock exposed to air not lose bacteria?  Just curious as I’d be prepared to do that if ever necessary 

Completely safe. 

A lot of pico owners do 100% waterchanges.


Rocks have to completely dry out for bacteria to die.

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On 6/14/2018 at 11:51 PM, Piti80 said:

i will do 100% water change tomorrow night, test right after and then test wvery night for a week with no dosing. Thank for all the replys. 

How are things going?

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On 6/13/2018 at 11:55 PM, seabass said:

A couple of things, if magnesium is too low, adding calcium or alkalinity will push the other out of suspension (it will precipitate). 

This was my thought.

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