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Coral Vue Hydros

Any compact fluorescent light fixtures still on the market?


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The fixtures are near impossible to find with replacement bulbs being a bit easier, corallife is the brand that is most readily available(online and in my LFS).  Any reason for wanting to have a CFL rather than T5 or led or both?  I recently used a 20w CFL for 6 months to illuminate my 1.75g pico and I went through 2 bulbs in that time just to maintain subpar lighting, the AI Prime I upgraded to has made a big difference.  The CFL was cheap and did keep corals alive so is a viable option but I would try to steer you towards a more current technology because if the fixtures are no where to be found I'm sure the bulbs will become more scarce as the older fixtures die and people stop buying the bulbs the industry will phase them out.  I had to use a reptile fixture for my CFL

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When i say compact fluorescent  i meant compact T5. I have found the Boyu STS-350 T5 Sump Light still available in the uk . Which is ideal but as you say find replacement tubes for it seems very hard. 

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