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Am I doing this right?

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Hi everyone new to the hobby been in it almost 2 months now. SUper excited and im obsessedddddd. Recently got a bunch of coral over the span of 2 weeks and everything is doing AWESOME. But I have a couple questions...

Salt hovers around... 1.025-1.026

Water temperature hovers around... 78/79 usually 79.2 to be exact.

Lights... Radeon XR15W Pro Gen 4 running the Coral Lab template SPS PHX 14 with greens and reds at 5% from 9AM to 6PM

Corals I have are..
Trumpet Coral
Kenya Tree
Discoma mushroom
And some type of encrusting coral

Im currently spot feeding all my corals every Wednesday/Sunday with all pumps off.

Their diet consist of..

A half a tablespoon reef-roids mixed with gut loaded bring shrimp, I squish it just enough for the coral to eat. (Spot fed using 11ML syringe)

5ML of Aquavitro Fuel

Red Sea Reef Energy A/B 2.5ML (Just started it today)

Poseidon Fury (3,000)
OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton (4 species)
Nano Brine Live Baby Artemia (500)

Not sure what else im missing...

Edit: I have a Nuvo 40G, I added refugium into one of my chambers with Cheato, and live rock. Hopefully the Copapods do the dirty in there and replicate!

Edit:: Refugium has been going for 2 weeks. Today I added the Copapods. (Cheato is growing)

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Hi, I’m a newbie myself and still adjusting my feeding regimen... following to see everyone’s replies. 😉

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Hello and welcome


Congrats on the tank.


Salinity stability is key. You want one number so either 1.025 or 1.026.

Are you using a refractometer to read it?


Topping up daily to the sane spot with help the salinity stay stable.


Temp is fine.


I feed corals sparingly. What they don't consume becomes waste which leads to algae.


I feed reef roids 1 time a week broadcast feed a day before or day of waterchange.


I also spot feed lps pellets or mysis


If you plan on fish, it's not necessary to over feed corals

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