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Was looking at my acan last night and saw a tiny aiptasia looking thing nestled in the skeleton. Only noticed it because it was somewhat fluorescent. Put a dab (or at least I thought was a dab lol) of super glue on it and called it a night. Looked this morning and saw a few more poking out. They are super tiny and retract when disturbed.i asked my brother who has much more saltwater experience than me and he thinks they might be some sort of worm or feather duster. Ive had the coral for about two weeks and dipped in revive when I got it.


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I say feather duster. Aiptasia tentacles are more tangled looking. Feather duster feeding tentacles are more radial symmetric looking..which is what you have here.

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They look very much like Ball Anemones, at least the smaller one on the right does. If they are, they won't get much bigger than a 1/2". I've read they can sting corals close to them, but the ones I have have never bothered mine, even sitting right next to them. They feed mostly on small inverts like 'pods, etc, but I will occasionally drop a frozen brine shrimp into their mouths, which they happily consume. I'd leave them be, but then I'm all about bio-diversity

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56 minutes ago, Oldsalt01 said:

I'd leave them be, but then I'm all about bio-diversity

As long as they don't mess with anything there fine by me! I'll definitely monitor them but it seems that they should be fine if they are ball anemones or feather duster. Thanks for the help!

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