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I was at my lfs and looked at the corals, i wantd 1 for my 1 gallon pico as the only coral in it, I wanted gsp but they didnt have it :( so i decided to buy a kenya tree coral, once getting larger, i frag it, put it in the pico, so i put the kenya tree in 1 of my other tanks, a 5 gallon. I looked at it and saw these tiny little guys. 😁. have a white center, is a pale green.

did i get FREE gsp palys 😀




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Looks more like some kind of little clove polyp. GSP has a very rubbery purple looking base that grows like a mat or a sheet. Those look like individual polyps of some sort.

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touched dosnt sting so noy majano. think it is clove, just have to wait when it gets bigger 😀

will like clove in my pico anyway so still happy about the tiny palys

i tried to get some sand away so i can get a betterlook at these palys, cant get direct sand off due to the kenya tree but about an inch away was purple attached to the little guys, i know that they are very hungry and unhealth and will take time to recover as their fragplug was burried in the sand at my LFS for who knows how long, i saw small bumbs so the colony of those palys were larger and some died as they were buried only 1 little polyp that i know is a gsp looks healthy yet its super tiny has purple base and is green just realy tiny :(  hope the colony will heal

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+1, looks like cloves to me. I bet in time they will color up into something nice.


It is fun discovering freebies. I bought a toadstool coral and it was on a small rock covered in hair algae. Once the algae died off, turns out there was a Cyphastrea coral struggling to live under all that algae. I am not sure what type it is yet but a handful of polyps have recovered and are bright orange. It will be fun to see what color the base turns out to be.

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It's always nice when you get a little extra something on a new frag - as long as it's a good something.  Getting a pest is not so nice.


Anyways blow off some of the sand and that may give a better clue as to what it is. But at least from what I see it could be a variety of GSP or clove polyps. 

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