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Hood for Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L


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I am looking into getting a 30L, seems like the best option is the IM Nuvo 30L, but I need a hood/canopy. This is a home office tank and the glare from the lights is a no no (this includes light glare/reflection on the surface). What are my options?



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A Little Blue

Black acrylic cut to size of the original cover. Install these lights (they are waterproof) to acrylic piece (you might need more than one, depending what you want to keep. SPS corals are probably out of the question). Cut holes to route the cables out. Hot glue it over the original cover and you are set. 


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DON'T do the true lumen lights!  I used 6 of the 12" ones in a hood on my IM10(originally a QT made into Mantis den).  That's 54w of these lights on a 10g so 5.4w/g(usually a good amount) and it is insufficient.  They are ok for supplemental actinic but the few corals I have in the Mantis tank aren't thriving and lighting is definitely playing a role.  

  T5's offer some low profile fixtures with limited light spill, it's not a high end fixture but the Aquatic Life Marquis T5 is one I got In the 24" model and it has been great when paired with LED.  It's cheap and they make a 36" and it might make it so no hood is needed and plenty of people have success with T5's.

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I did a lighting retrofit like this (no mods to the hood though) on my Fluval Evo 13.5, I used the TrueLumen 12" & 10" lights. They are great lights and I am actually growing easy SPS (brids nests, forest fire digi etc.) and also easy Acros (green slimer) with them and they are growing very nicely, take a look at my journal:


The only negative is they are not fully water proof. I had one fall into the water and a few of the LED's burned out.


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