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It’s been a week for the Xenia


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Mine were also looking in bad shape for a week. I waited 2 weeks and they started to get adjusted to the tank. After 2 weeks they were in perfect condition. I also read somewhere that they like a bit of dirty water. Not sure if that is true. I had mine in low flow low light and they were happy. 

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2 hours ago, debbeach13 said:

If they are in high flow you will not see them pulse. Did you see them pulse before you got them?

Not sure but I saw a bit larger frag pulsing, they are from the same parent colony 

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OK then it must still just be settling in. Some corals take awhile after being exposed to air. I think xenia is one of them so when it was bagged unless they did keep it under water that is enough to stress the coral plus getting used to its new home. I have a kenya tree still recovering (at two weeks yesterday) from shipping which is worst than just taking home from the store. I think it will be fine. Low light and low flow while it acclimates often helps. Good luck.

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