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Yes to details.  


It does look like a bacterial bloom.  Your parameters would probably be nutrient rich,  nitrate & phosphate.


I suggest you use a uv sterilizer to eliminate “green water”.

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Sounds like things are getting worse.  Since it is only 7 gallons, I'd do a 100% water change now and run new carbon/purigen and do a partial water change every day for the next little bit.

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Not knowing anything about your tank setup,  I envision

On 5/1/2018 at 8:23 AM, NanoCube8 said:

I did a 3 gallon water change last night since that was all I had on hand but will probably do a 5 gallon tonight or maybe all 7 and I took my purigen our thinking it’s probably just becoming a bacteria factory as I clean it every day or two right now and it goes from light to dark real quick I also pumped up the flow on all my pumps to help get more oxygen in the water and trying to keep the light off as I’m sure it only helps the bacteria grow 

Bacteria feed 24/7.  They do not need light to grow.

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In the future you should siphon the sand bed and keep the rocks clean. The tank looks like it was sort of dirty prior to this... ignoring the sand is just sweeping the nasty under the rug. 


Dose some prime to help with ammonia. I 2nd the GAC idea as well.

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Second the sand. What’s all that grey/black stuff in the sand? Are they rubbles or what? Siphon as much sand out as you can, rinse it with tap water then rinse with Rodi and put back. 

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