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Xanthine's Biocube 16

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2 hours ago, Xanthine said:

I didnt mention this yet -  the day or two after my puffer was killed in my other tank, my hydor heater exploded and filled my house with acrid electrical smoke. Thank goodness my travels have been cancelled, so I was at home to catch it relatively quickly. The only damage besides the heater itself was the black soot on the white plastic lid of the JBJ, but that mostly wiped clean.  

Exploding heaters! That's intense. I'm glad you were around to catch the problem in time, otherwise that would have been a real disaster! Did you have a replacement heater on hand to keep things stable?

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So not long after my post about how much growth I was getting in the softies...there was a mini crash.


I don't know what happened but it started with white area on my orange lepto, then spreading white area around the base of my large duncan, then the entire base of the original cespi turned white and shrank to almost nothing, then the wall xenia disappeared and some cyano showed up.  




All the parameters were in normal range, so I really have no idea.

It was also weird that it didnt impact both lepto, both duncans, or both cespis - only one of each. 


The lepto and duncan have since recovered, and cespi seems to not be getting any worse at least. 

Here's a picture that I'm now realizing is a bit blurry too (stupid phone camera!!) and I hadn't cleaned the glass or removed algae in awhile.

I have a few days off later this week and plan on doing some more heavy maintenance and take better photos.


On a positive note, I love that my bicolor blenny uses the devils hand leather as his perch spot; it is so cute!



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I swear when I post things on here about something going well, disaster soon follows.

I found the skeleton of my bicolor blenny.

He was such a good fish - eager eater of anything, chill towards tankmates but not too shy, and beautiful coloration.

My snails have been dying off too. I have a feeling it's related to the ant spray/insect poison used in the same room as the tank. 

RIP little friend




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Just a quick snapshot. That bottom left rock is just out of control with hair algae. I wonder if that is the rock I initially got from the old LFS that was from someones tank breakdown and now it's leaching phos that is feeding the algae? I'll have to dig back through my old pictures. 


Every other day or so I find a frag in the sand in the morning it seems, no matter how well wedged I think I have them in there.

My scarlet hermit is ruthless in pushing them all down, such a bully!


The frogspawn looked bad after a fall that landed half head down and I was so worried about it not making it, but it came back like a champ.


I might use some JB water weld epoxy to finally mount the frogspawn and sinularia and toadstool and leathers and ...ok well like everything pretty much..haha.

I haven't had issues with the JB but I know some have, so I'm worried. 

But maybe more worried about the potential damage that is going to happen one of these days from a frag fall.


I think I'm finally happy with my arch scape and ready to commit to start mounting coral. Two years in, lol.


(Although I guess I should do my investigating on the history of that bottom left rock first...hrm..) 



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Well, one month since my last post and I still haven't glued anything in place...or bothered to go back to investigate origin of bottom left hair algae rock.


I did start using auto-doser on Seachem Reef Fusion #1 (previously dosed only RF#2 manually for alk stability, then manual doses of RF#1 biweekly to correct Ca). 

Calcium is MUCH more stable now that I'm dosing both equally - (duh) - looking back, I wish I had started with that.


Since RF#1 has Mg too, my Mg values have skyrocketed. Tank was almost always in the 1100-1200 range previously - I'm now at 1410 for Mg.  (Ca is 415 and Alk is 8.0)


Good news: The cespi is doing amazing, and is now 'hosting' my clown. It's so fun to watch. 


Bad news: The GSP on back left wall doesn't seem to have survived the hair algae takeover and is melting off. It looks gross. Hair algae on bottom left rock continues to be nuisance.


Super bad news: The heavy matting maroon cyano on the sand and some corals has returned. Noooooo!!  


'Beauty lights' in morning:


Normal daytime lights in afternoon:


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Congratulations on 2 years. Sorry your having some problems. I hope it turns around for you.

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So, frustratingly, my curse of happy postings on here returned.

It seems whenever I mention something great happening in my tank in this thread, disaster soon strikes.


This time...my blue cespitularia.

Right after I was so excited how my clown had 'moved in' amongst the arms, and how many grandbabies the original was having....it's gone. 

It just..melted. Totally down to the base. Gone.


Here it is right when it started to decline:



The cespi baby/grandbabies are now looking somewhat melty now too. The base is white with holes in it...





I don't know whats going on. I'm crushed. 😞


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I don't want to be too optimistic here, but a dose of chemiclean to knock out the cyano followed by a hefty water change 48hrs later and a fresh bag of carbon seems to have slowed the rate my cespi is collapsing/dying.  Maybe I won't lose all of it.

I did some googling and found that others have seen super high periods of growth, followed by massive die-off.



I didn't mention in my last post but I did end up switching out that bottom left rock that was infested with hair algae, to a rock from my former puffer tank that was originally dry rock. 


Also I tried to pry off that round frag plug that I glued to the back left wall with the GSP...it is not budging and I really don't want to accidentally break into the 3rd chamber. 



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