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show off your hitchhikers


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There are tons of hitchhikers in liverock, and some are prettycool.  Many poast about their corals and fish, so I would mix it up abit :).

What was your coolest hichhiker(s) . (mine was a small shrimp)

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1 inch Baby brittle star.  He is still in my 1/2 gallon pico, even after a year.  I see his legs sticking out from various spots in the rock work all the time.

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I've gotten a free chili coral and dendro when I got some live rock from a display tank at an LFS to start my tank off years ago.  The dendro survived the cycle but the chili didn't and I had zero experience with coral at that point.  


All the usual suspects, various bristle worms, spaghetti worms, tube worms, brittle stars, pods and snails.


I had a huge colony of ball tipped nems on a rock one time, they were really cool when they opened up at night under my moonlight lighting..  


I also got a few clams and osyters (not cool colored ones or anything) from that same live rock from the LFS that I got the chili coral on.


When I ordered TBS live rock I of course got a 1239584924 hitchikers, but I dont even know what half of them are, had to kill a few bad crabs, and all sorts of tiny plankton sized micro life.

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Feather dusters, multiple species of macro including shaving brush, a curlique anemone, and some other undentified coral/anemone.A22B77F9-496F-443B-8A49-EF1F6AD327D3.thumb.jpeg.03a428d85947267130b8cda17b07811c.jpeg

This is the unidentifed coral, you can also spot the curlique in the back.

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