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Radion G1 upgrade: to, or not to? To G3? G4?

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Hey all, question regarding coloration/“pop” improvement with Ecotech Radion upgrade options.

I’ve been running a G1 Radion for something like 6 years over my 34 gallon Solana.  I’m pretty satisfied with output, and the spread is acceptable, corals grow fine, so no real “problems.” But I’ve never loved the coloration it gives my tanks, compared to what I’ve seen on other tanks with different LED’s or newer Radions.  

So I’m considering an upgrade.  Obviously the most affordable option is to send in the one I already own for Ecotech to upgrade to the G3.  And of course since I’m thinking about it, I’ve also been checking out the G4 and G4 pro.  I don’t need the G4pro for the increased output, but I do like the idea of more color channels. 

What I want to know is: is it worth the upgrade (any of them) in terms of visual appeal and making colors pop? Will I see a noticeable difference from G1 to G3? Is G4 way better than G3 (aesthetically)? Has anyone made any of these leaps and can talk to how the corals appear under the improved spectrum?  Will the G3 upgrade be enough to see that new “pop”? Is the G4Pro way better than the regular G4 in terms of color/“pop”?

I’d love some first-hand experiences with this. Thanks!

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No idea, radions are too pricy for me. But I know that high end acropora growers have upgraded to G4 and love it.

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If you’re going to upgrade do the G4. Latest LED tech including ultraviolet LEDs. I upgraded from AI Nano. Love it!  I got the diffuser too. 

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Well, I answered the questions for myself.  Got a good deal on an open box G4 Pro.  I can’t compare it to theG3 or the non-pro G4, but the G4Pro looks amazing compared to the G1.  All of the colors are more vibrant, and the pop-wow factor (I assume from added UV?) is stunning.  It definitely looks cooler. Worth the upgrade price?  Well that’s debatable.  But I enjoy how my tank looks more with this light.  

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