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kessil dens matrix issue ?


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Hello Reefers , i brought this a150w ocean blue led, and im really happy with this light, recently i have captured the dens matrix array of this led light,

i have notice some dimming of the one violet led, is this some kind of violet led or is this dying ?

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 9.45.39 PM.png

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I have a kessil a150 ocean blue as well and have always thought it was the uv like boggers said.  I have been running it for 2+years daily now.  I snapped a photo right now that shows the same one appearing dim/off.  Totally normal IMG_3702.thumb.JPG.9d8a8fd90688dccd205e54e009bf0d31.JPG

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18 minutes ago, RustyRocket said:

I found this to be the same for my 4 PAR38 LEDs, I hope its normal else my 4 UV LED all died together. 

What lamp are you using? I’ve been looking to replace my cc par 38 24w. 

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i got clarified this with kessil ,here is the reply 



Hi Chathura,

Thanks for reaching out to Kessil! The chip you have circled is the UV chip which is often either not visible to the eye or if you have the correct tools and filters, you can capture it, but it captures to be dimly lit. 
The LED array looks normal. We do highly recommend not looking into the lights even with a filter. It can be harmful. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.


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