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Bio Spira Reliable Or Not?


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IS THAT Bio-spira stuff really proven to help Newbies to saltwater?

is it resonable to get 2 yellow tailed blue damsels for 2 day old Tank?clear water sg of 1.022 ph. 8.2 , 0 ammonia. 0 nitrites 0 nitrates and temp of 76.3 with 4 packages of Bio- spira at the same time today?

if there is pls let mw know here is my setup

1. 55 gallon all glass aquarium

2. Sealife pro 75 wet/dry sumpcapacity of 8.9 gallons

3. in sumpMag drive 500 pump

4.Hydor 300 in line heater

5.Terminator 5watt UV sterilizer

6.Red sea prizm 90 gallon rated hang on skimmer

7. Carbi-sea Aragonite substrate

8. JBJ SPump 2500, ithink its too powerful way to much oxygen bubbles is ther a way to adjust it?

any advice would be very appreciated

and 300 watt heater in tank

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i used bio spira once when i had an ammonia spike way back when i set up my 12 gallon and within hours u couls ee ur ammonia going down....all it is is a packet of live bacteria that heps brak the organic matter in your tank down..it is like stress coat, u cant overdose it...i think each packet is good for a 55 gallon tank....just a helpful hint when doing it...poor a lil bit in ur filter to speed ur filter then poor the rest in the tank but spread it out over the top of the water

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don't have any experience with bio spira.


from the specs you've posted it seems as if you're interested in a fish only tank and you seem to have spent a lot of money on your set up. why not spend a little more and add live rock to your tank? rock has the advantages of added natural filtration, natural decoration and is the natural starting point of cycling. rock will also offer refuge to future fish additions, as all fish like to have "hidey holes" to retreat to and sleep in. live rock needs little more than stock lighting, so no additional costs are involved.


stay away from damsels, they're aggressive and will fight to death amongst themselves and other inhabitants. cycling with damsels is old school. choose the lr instead - just my $.02

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