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Goby/Shrimp Pair in 2.5g


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I'm setting up a 2.5g for my dorm.


I want to have a shrimp/goby pair (specifically Randell Shrimp + Yasha Goby)


I saw Liquid's 2.5 had a Green Chromis...and it was fine, so I'm thinking it's do-able.


Now, I saw one post where someone suggested a fish in a 2.5, referrin to the success of Liquid's tank...and people shot the person down by stating he/she is not liquid.


Well - I dont understand how what he does can be different from myself. I thought he had a pretty low maintience tank.


I'll have a AC300 as a refug/sump...so thats (minor) added volume/export.

Water changes can be done as much as possible (since it is such a small tank...cup out, cup in)




I'm shooting this one out for opinions.

Unless there is strong feedback against this decision...I'll go ahead and do it. If worse comes to worse, there is a 12g Nanocube and 125g back home for the fish.


P.S: I'd prefer not to be put in the same catagory as people who put fish in inhabitable situations (ie tangs in small tanks...etc) The only reason I even considered this notion was due to proven success (ie Liquid).


Thanks for your time =)

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