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what killed my hermit crab?


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I have a nano cube with a Ocellaris Clown, a Green Clow Goby, a anemone crab, 2 (well now just 1) little blue legged hermits, a hatian pink tip anemone, and a turbo snail. Also some tree corals and polyps. Well my question is...someone ripped one of my hermits out of his shell....any ideas on what it could have been. From what i've read the goby and the clown are compatible with these guys. Has anyone else had a similar experiance? Any help would be appreciated! thanks!

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Yeah....he was ripped out of his shell...so im guessing it was the other hermit. Thanks. Could this be avoided if i got a different type of hermit crab? or is the risk the same?

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the molts look like the crab got pulled out. Is there a lobster tail looking thing at the butt end, or white stuff? Did you check the shell completely?


Blue legs are mean anyway....stick with scarlets.

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something ripped mines legs off when i had the 2 damsels in my tank and it was before i even added another hermit, the poor lil guy hobbles around with 2 claws but he is still alive

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