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Dprosser4’s Nuvo 30L Mixed Reef

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Current FTS: December 2018




Past FTS: April 20181F788F96-D2E8-4405-A46F-6B2888947D69.thumb.jpeg.a7b56bbda4dcc4598396c19862a5690d.jpeg



Upgraded to this tank from my first reef in a  17g Aqua Japan Feb 2018. My old tank was running for a little over a year and I quickly realized I wanted something a little bigger and better build quality. I love the long shallow look of the Nuvo 30l. The upgrade went surprisingly smooth as I was able to set the tanks up side by side and just swapped over every thing but the sand in just a few hours. Most of the corals I’ve grown from small frags which I’m pretty proud of. Looking forward to some of them having more room to grow out now. 



Tank: IM Nuvo 30L

Lighting: 2x Ai Prime HDs 

Filtration: 2x IM Floss Holders

Eshoppes Nano Skimmer

DIY Cheato Reactor

Pump: Jeabo DCS2000

Powerhead: Jeabo SW-2

IM SpinStream on one side

Heater: Cobalt Neo-Therm 100w

ATO: Tunze Osmolater 3152




Fish and Inverts:

Allardi Clown 

Sixline Wrasse

Azure Damsel

2x Chalk Bass passed away:(

Orange spotted Goby

Tiger Pistol Shrimp

Conch Snail

Cleaner Shrimp


Trochus and Nassarius Snails

Durasa Clam


Tuxedo Urchin






Green and Striped Candy Canes





Open Brain Coral

Cabbage Coral


Kenya Tree

Long Tentacle Green Toadstool

Various Zoanthids and Palys

Varioua Mushrooms 




5g water change

Change filter floss

Clean Skimmer Cup


I occasionally dose ESV Bionic 2 part when my calcium dips and alk dip, generally towards the end of the week


Remove cheato from the reactor as needed. 



















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Looks great!

IM30L owner here too. There are quite a few on here, but not many are active. 

Following along 

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A Little Blue

Looking good. There are not that many 30L members on here. But there are plenty IM AIO owners. Have fun. 

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welcome to the 30L club. full disclosure, mine's not wet yet but I still consider myself part of da club. 🤓


@micoastreefing is right, he is / was like the only active one. I'm not really here anymore, kinda migrated to another forum, oops... but at least three new 30L's have popped up recently so that's exciting!

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Been awhile since I updated. This tank is starting to mature nicely and is starting to grow in nicely. Haven’t really changed much as far as equipment and keeping up with water changes and my nutrient export has been keeping things stable. I actually have to feed a ton to get my nutrient levels up. The growth of my sps and my clam has been crazy. Took some pics as my tank was going going to bed for the night and used an orange filter and things really pop! Love my 30L





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Also had a buddy take some sweet macro shots of some of my fish and corals including the newest addition the Six Line:) 



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Interesting scoly (I think that's what I'm looking at) there.  

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