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Help/Suggestions on new Red Sea Reefer 170 Configuration

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After being out of the hobby for many years I'm looking to set up a new tank.  My place is space limited with maximum length between walls of 35 inches.  I like the look of the Red Sea products and think the Reefer 170 will work in my space.  Would really appreciate feedback on basic equipment configuration I'm looking at below:


Red Sea Reefer 170 Deluxe Black
Syncra silent 3.5 pump
Somatic 60s Skimmer

Neo-Therm 100W heater


Anything major that I'm missing for a basic functional setup? Suggestions on saving money without cutting corners would be great.  I'm more concerned about doing it right than the cost, that said every dollar saved at this stage is a dollar that can be spent on what goes in the tank!


Would appreciate suggestions on water test kit to help me monitor the cycle, I'm have a slight color blindness, so is there anything affordable that doesn't use color matching for the basic cycle tests?


Thanks in advance!


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