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Encrusting Montipora!!!


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Ok, I have an Ice chilli Monti and so far it’s doing great. The only problem with it is the fact it lost all its color in shipping. It’s supposed to be an lightish aqua blue with red/orange polyps. Right now it’s whiteish tan. Supprisiingly it’s showing great polyp extension and starting to encrust the plug. Was wondering if anyone knows how to get color back on these and would like some pics of all of yalls encrusting Montis. ??? this is a pic from April 11th (same day I got it) right now it is closed but since then it has started encrusting... 



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Montis are tricky... Give it time.  I had a sunset monti completely brown out and stay like that for 3 months then one day it started growing and now its a colorful pest.  If its encrusting its happy.

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