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Nano grew! 75g flat back AIO

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Well, it had to happen... the pico jar became a 10 gallon diy rimless, which became a 20L rimless, and finally is becoming a 75gallon as its final spousal approved iteration. I scored a sweet acrylic 75g AIO I had planned on drilling and adding plumbing for a future sump, but it needs some scratches polished out, a stand built, and sump built (with all that comes along with that!)


So skimming over letitgo app I found a sweet 75g flatback hex with solid wood stand, 2 old school t5 fixtures (probably going away all together), high flow water pump, and a cool internal sump with skimmer. best part? Cost the same as the acrylic tank and my wife instantly liked the shape and the style of the stand which will be repainted. It’s also drilled in the top corners so I’m sure I can rig something up for an external sump in the future if I choose to. 


The only problem I’ve really found is the way it was braced. It looked like it was done as an afterthought by whoever added the filter, so it wasn’t evenly spaced and 1 end of the glass wasn’t attached. After studying my other 75 gallon (I have a problem really), I pulled the bracing out and will be raising them up closer to the top of the tank and putting 1 brace across the center of the tank. Afterwards, it will definitely be getting a week long water test on the porch while I scrape the blue paint off the back to repaint it black. 


I’m thinkig for the filterbox/sump, I’ll scuff it up and krylon fusion it black. The center chamber will probably be filled with cheto and have a small light over it and I’m planning on using 2 marsaqua boxes over it on an external timer. 






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Got everything together! Repainted the back a dark blue, replaced the 2 2” braces with a 6” brace and set it out for 4 days with water. No flex! 


Once I’d set the whole tank up with 70lbs if new sand and 40-50lbs of new rock, I moved all the livestock and live rock from the old tank and included 15 gallons of the old water in an attempt to keep the good bacteria around. So far so good, everything looks happy and healthy!


I have 2 mars aqua 165w led boxes one paired timers, a tiny “glofish” blue led strip that makes a nice little night light and I plan to try to figure out how to get my marine land led in to even out the lighting. 


The internal filter is er is open at the top and gets good light from one of the boxes so that’s full of macro algae too





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