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Kdrof's Reef Garden (IM10 Nuvo) - New Inverts!

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Oh! One other thing regarding a powerhead... I originally thought the Sicce return pump upgrade would give me the ability to turn the tank over more and get more power out of the SpinStream in hopes of not requiring a powerhead. I did find one drawback to my plan.


I run Filter floss on top of the InTank media basket, then remove the middle shelf to create a big middle chamber where I run Seachem Matrix to colonize more nitrifying bacteria since I prefer less live rock. Due to my media basket setup, I can only have so much flow going through the media basket or my return pump is quicker than the media basket flow rate.


To prevent water on the floor from the tank overflowing, this leaves me with two options:


1.) Run the InTank against the back wall of the tank, which leaves a gap in front of the media basket. Most of the water goes around the media basket and only a subset of the water goes through the media basket. 

                    Pro - 100% return pump flow rate in turn getting maximum flow through SpinStream.  (Questionable if its enough flow for corals wanted)

                    Con - Tons of crap gets around the filter floss and ends up in the sump which over time will be a nutrient sink and more maintenance work required.


2.) Push the InTank towards the front wall overflow of the tank, which allows all water to flow through the InTank. Dial back the Sicce to around 60% flow.

                   Pro - Nearly all water runs through the filter floss allowing the majority of particulates and detritus to be captured and removed from the water column. 

                   Con - Less return pump flow which then may require a powerhead.


I pushed the InTank up with a temporary piece of Seachem Matrix for the time being 😂




Anyone had any issues with this?


Off to research some powerheads... Only have had MP10's recently. I love them but they are pricey. Hoping I can find some other options that are comparable but cheaper...

On 6/5/2018 at 8:19 PM, falcooo said:

Once I noticed how much the SpinStream reduces the pump, by about half from what I've gathered, I got to thinking the 1.0 might not actually be overkill. And yea the powerhead definitely takes up a lot of space in such a small tank.

 @falcooo - My issue above is one reason the 1.0 might be too much flow for you depending on your sump setup. I don't think in my scenario it would work. The .5 is too much for my media basket setup.. I would have to change my InTank chambers up.




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