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Great experience with @tanacharison

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I just had a great experience with purchasing a Kessil A160 from @tanacharison. He was missing a bracket and screws when he listed, but was willing to send them after the purchase. Instead we worked out a pay half to hold the sale and send everything together. Little over a week later and I have the new light for my classroom tank. Package was boxed well and everything came in tip-top shape. I would definitely do business again with this fellow Reefer! 

I don't have any pics of it over the tank as I forgot a piece I needed to finish off my custom light hanger. I'll try to update that tomorrow :-)


Here's a couple pics of the unboxing.

Not showing outside of box being it has both our addresses :-) but it was taped up and sealed great. 

Packing inside when opened:



He put the Kessil in a separate box from brackets and cord, nice touch as it would bounce on metal items that came with it: 



The pendant was wrapped in bubble wrap and had a packing bubble inside with the light :



Light was in great shape once taken out of packaging. IMG_20180411_120847.thumb.jpg.7b59f180600203356550deaab1d9b210.jpg

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I said I'd update with pics... Here it is all setup! 

Here's the full setup:



Closeup of light on diy bracket:


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