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So I decided to set up a 40gal. I really didn't just want a rock pile, so...also little too late to take apart these, but I always have lots more rocks laying around. Currently dry til I am completely sure. No changing the rocks around every couple days this time...I hope anyways.  I do realize I may have some shadow areas, but since I just plan to do only a few corals I'm more interested in how it looks by itself. There will be some live rocks added from my isolation tank. Plus the Talbot's Damsel currently there will get added to this tank, though not sure he will be any less agressive in a bigger tank. Other than that I have no idea on fish yet.



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15 hours ago, 1967type1 said:

I love the pedestool rock look my 40 is set up very similar I just posted pictures.

Took a look at your pictures. Love how yours looks.

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9 hours ago, Nocturnal said:

A little too symmetrical for me. Maybe make one side a little higher/heftier? I like the tables though. 

I've been thinking of changing the middle ones. I wanted the pedestals to be on top of each other, but then that put some rocks above water line.

Thinking maybe moving the middle ones. I feel I should maybe have some more caves. Currently one under each rock island, but think I'd like more.

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