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Pulsing Xenia Growth

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Hi Nano-Reef world!


I have had my tank since September 2017. My first coral was a pulsing Xenia I bought from my LFS. It was the size of my palm and had a little growth on it. Put it in my tank, and it just has gentrified and doubled in size. I am noticing that it has grown off of the rock that i bought it on and it is moving onto my live rock. I do know that it’s an aggressive grower and will take over, but should I start to pick off some of the pieces that grew by itself? Any ideas? I’ll attach pictures of when i bought them vs. today. Thanks all! DD324EA9-4C31-48E2-BD41-508CC8054931.thumb.jpeg.53bfa952cedeee368a9717792dc1935f.jpeg



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It's really up to you. Some people don't want to let it get too away and expand too much. Myself, I am letting the one in my tank go wild. I bought a similar sized frag as yours was and now after 8 months it has easily quadrupled in size and split off 4 or so stalks. Everyone who sees my tank which is euphylia dominated loves the xenia the most, and I tend to agree, even though many others consider it a 'pest coral.' You can always trim it back later if it gets too big.

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That's what it does. All corals grow, some faster than others.


Xenia is a rapid grower. I've fragged mine too many times to count.


Pruning xenia controls it.


If you don't want it somewhere, then pull it off.

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