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Lizzyann's IM 20 Peninsula

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Forgot to post this little NPS feeding video with the post yesterday!



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Hungry little buggers. Great response.

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On 8/1/2020 at 1:21 PM, lizzyann said:

Ready for a photo dump? I've managed to keep the glass fairly clean for a couple days in a row and that plus all of the beautiful photography I've seen around here has encouraged me to play with the camera and macro lens some more! Still couldn't convince myself to pull the tripod out of the bottom of the closet, but hey this is progress!


I didn't get a shot from the end of the peninsula in that last update, so here's her full frontal, baby! 




Feeding time!



Yasha has gone back to never being visible except when feeding and even then is super shy with any movement around the tank so I had to get all set up and trick her into this one!



I couldn't get a good pic, but Lily got in a tussle with somebody (or something) again and has those weird white spot/wounds. I've decided to just ignore it, because she seems to heal every time. I'm guessing she just sometimes falls asleep near something that is a slight irritant/aggressor?



The orange ricordea bubbles continue to get weirder. I feel like that one bubble with the yellow dimples looks like some character...



Ooo maybe I was thinking about Admiral Ackbar 😂 What do you think?



ANYWAY... Next thing I need to trim down will be the mint pavona. I'm hesitant because I'm so proud of how big and beautiful it is, but it's just taking up too much space. I'd much rather have it be a bit more sparse there between the two islands. I'm also considering plopping a clam right in the middle of the pavona rock? Would that work??



Also probably going to need to frag up the duncan soon 😢





Sps are coasting along for now







This is the mad raver milli 🙄 Looks nothing like it but it doesn't get much light. I'm hoping one day the tippy top tips might get enough light to look neat.



Kitty always getting in the way



Part of why there's always so much hair in my tank 🤦‍♀️ Usually it's long white hairs from my Great Pyrenees mix though. Not sure... this one might be human 😬



 Cornbred Rainbow Crush chalice is growing but still showing no signs of rainbow colors 🤷‍♀️ Apparently the original owner has a couple frags from this experiment that are starting to get streaks, but most are staying green and purple.














































And I think that's it for the dump! Hope yall are having a good weekend!




Your coral combos, colors,  composition...everything is so amazing. And Admiral Ackbar is so perfect. 

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On 9/16/2020 at 10:59 AM, lizzyann said:

Forgot to post this little NPS feeding video with the post yesterday!



This is making me really want to get some NPS! Amazing video! Do your NPS stay open during the day?

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17 hours ago, caas1496 said:

This is making me really want to get some NPS! Amazing video! Do your NPS stay open during the day?

I love them so much and highly recommend them as long as you're willing to spot feed them! The dendros stay open during the day, or open and close at random throughout the day, but the sun corals are closed until evening. Sometimes the tentacles will poke out when I'm feeding flakes or stirring up the sand (basically when they "smell" something yummy) though.

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19 hours ago, SaltyTanks said:

And Admiral Ackbar is so perfect. 

lol thank you so glad someone appreciated that! 😂

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Beautiful photos! I thought the kitty was inside the tank for a sec there. 😸

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