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Lizzyann's IM 20 Peninsula - featured in Reef Hobbyist Magazine :)

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I've checked off three things on my to do list!


I treated the pipe organs with hydrogen peroxide to try to kill the sponge - did a low/medium strength dip according to these guidelines I found:


Justin Credabel's hydrogen peroxide dipping guidelines
Dip 5 minutes Milliliters of Hydrogen Peroxide 3% to Liters of Seawater Type of Cnidarian
Low 20-40ml
Acropora (tolerance varies widely among species), Montipora, Astreopora, Duncanopsammia, Turbinaria, Galaxia, Cyhpastrea, (*Alveopora)(**Hydnophora) Echinophyllia, Mycedium, Oxypora, Tubastrea,
Low/Med 50-70ml
Pocillopora, Seriatopora, Stylophora, Caulastrea, Clavularia, Pachyclavularia, Sympodium, Cespitularia, Yellow Leathers, Pachyceris, Echinpora, Leptoseris, Pectinia, Psammacora
Medium 80-120ml
Porites, Xenia, Brown Leathers, Pavona, Fungiids, Heliofungia,
Med/High 130-200ml
Goniopora, Favia, Favites, Goniastrea, Platygyra, Leptastrea, Blastomussa, Cynarina, Physogyra, Plerogyra, Symphyllia, Sinularia, Corallimorpharian (Mushroom Anemone)
High 210-350ml
Zoanthids, Palythoa, Scolymia, Acansthstrea, Micromussa, Lobophyllia, Euphyllia, Catalaphyllia, Trachyphyllia,
Coral can be dipped longer in a lower concentrate solution. ? concentrate for up to 20 minutes for deep, persistent algae or bacterial infections, or necrotic areas.


I only soaked them for 5 minutes and poked around and scrubbed just a little. A lot of bubbles seemed to form in the sponge, but it really doesn't look like it affected it much after being back in the tank for a few days. Might have to make a separate "help me!" post on this one. 






I also built the pavona mountain for my clam. It kinda looks hideous at the moment 😝. I think overall it went well though, and in a few months (or years 🤦‍♀️) it will look as good as ever.




The main thing is that the clam has more light now! She seems quite pleased. I really don't like the way the tray looks up there, but didn't want to mess with trying to remove the clam. The couple polyps of pink diamond zoas I put beside it slowly melted but I'm gonna try one more time and hopefully they, along with the pavona, will cover the tray nicely.




I also decided on a replacement for the acans and picked out a scoly from Austin Aqua Farms. It seemed like a pretty good price for a bleeding apple, and even has a little maroon in there as well as the red/orange! It's still getting adjusted, but here's a couple quick pics:






I've been dealing with some really excessive algae growth on the glass recently, like I scrape and it's covered again in an hour or two. The water just doesn't seem super clear either, though I've never had crystal clear water in any of my tanks so 🤷‍♀️. I have some stuff to start dosing nitrate coming in the mail (it's still somewhere between 0 and 0.3), but I'm a little hesitant to start if this glass film keeps up. It's also time to change out the chemipure so I probably don't want to do all that at the same time.


I'll probably wait a while on fragging the duncan as well. The carnage from cutting up the pavona gave me enough stress for a couple weeks!




Anyone else get so sad about all the little scrap "throwaway" pieces when you're fragging? Makes me want a frag tank even just to keep em going and give them away for free!

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You are using two prime 16, how are they placed (spaced) on the tank?

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On 1/13/2021 at 2:24 PM, lizzyann said:


Hah, I actually just posted this photo for someone else but it's on the pervious page. Here ya go! The one at the back of the tank (or on the right in this pic) has higher light for the SPS and such, and the one at the front is a bit dimmer, though it's exaggerated in this photo because I've got the front one in acclimation mode. They are 8-9 inches from the water surface.

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