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Just Started Cycling...BioSpira Seems to Really Work

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So...just set up everything last night.  Rocks, sand, RODI, filter floss only in the media rack....


Poured the whole bottle of BioSpira into the tank, put some pure ammonium chloride (literally a pinch approximating 1/10 tsp), and let it swirl overnight.  Tested this morning showing 4+ppm of Ammonia, 0 nitrites and didn't bother testing for nitrates.


Came home from work and ran the full set of tests...and I am pleased to report that my tank is already showing signs of cycling...


Temp at 81F

Salinity ticked up to 1.027

pH at 8.1

Ammonia down to 2ppm

Nitrites at 5ppm

Nitrates at 40ppm


Is it normal to see levels change this quickly? Plan to let this keep cooking....let me know if any of you advise anything else (e.g. partial water change) 

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As I'm waiting for the nitrites level to come down, do I need to add more ammonia to keep the ammonia eating bacteria happy? My ammonia levels are down now to near zero, but nitrites are still elevated.


Thanks in advance everyone!

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