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what causes low Alkalinity?


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I think, from readings here and on RC, that i got the grasp of what Alkalinity is. Also, maintaining it with B-Ionic, water changes, or other buffering products seem to be the general solution.


But what causes low alkalinity in the first place?


I know there isnt one answer for this but was wondering if people could throw out a few possible causes. The only one i can come up with is a buildup of fish waste.

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I havent read this one before, Thanks for the link..


Correct me if i interpreted wrong, but he points to the fact that alkalinity depletion is due to it being part of the calcification process in conjunction with Calcium.


Makes sense, but so many non-dosing reefers here seem to have normal Ca levels and low Alk (im one of them). I would expect both to be low. It seems that there's something else causing it.

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