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Hotspot WiFi : Connecting Your NanoBox

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Over the past few months I have had customers ask about options for those with bad WiFi, no WiFi or a different option for connecting a NanoBox unit. After testing this myself for months it has worked without a hitch. I run this on my personal office reef. There are a few disadvantages but for those who set and forget, this may be for you. 


How To :

  1. Turn personal hotspot on cell phone. 
  2. Using a second device, connect the second device to the phones hotspot. 
  3. Once connected open the Bluefish app. 
  4. Start a new BlinkUp and connect to the hotspot WiFi - Make sure you are putting in the correct password. 
  5. Once BlinkUp is completed, program your light to the desired settings. I would use the NanoBox presets. 
  6. Close app and enjoy! 


Disadvantages to this :

  • If power is lost, you will need to turn the hotspot Wifi on and allow the controller to sync back to network.
  • If you need to adjust settings, you will need to turn the hotspot WiFi on and allow the controller to sync back to network.


This is a great option for someone who has bad WiFi, corporate WiFi and no WiFi.


Video to come! 



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