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Just a thought...can i add more LR to an already established tank without upsetting the water conditions or bioload? Can only cured LR be added and not raw ones? Will my nitrite/nitrate/ammonia levels increase dramatically? I don't want to stress out my aquaria...

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fully cured lr is less likely to upset your system. also depends on quanitity that you want to add. i'm making sure my additional pieces are fully cured and addinging in small amounts.

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you can always cure the LR seperately in a bucket or quarantine tank before you place it into your main display tank.


all you need is a bucket, airstone or powerhead. just top off water when it evaporates, and do 100% water changes every 4 to 5 days. after ~1 month or so, check levels in the bucket/tank and the rock should be cycled, and ready to place into your main tank. it's a long waiting period, but it has proved useful to me.

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