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Blissfully Dazed

Introducing second clownfish

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Blissfully Dazed



I adopted a 14 gallon BioCube. I placed the other livestock in a bigger setup. Remaining is a clownfish (see pic below). Knowing that these fish are social, I wanted to add a second clownfish to the aquarium. I did seek advice from a trusted source whom stated that I should proceed with caution. I was wondering y'alls thoughts and recommendations on adding an additional clownfish. I know that I cannot place too many fish in the setup, considering its size. Keeping that in mind, are there any other species of fish that are recommended for the aquarium if I cannot safely introduce another clownfish?


Thank you, in advance, for your input! 


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You can add another clown.


There isn't really a time limit if you choose the right clown.


I added one after 7mnths and they mated immediately. 


There are many situations with clowns.

They can be added together and never mate with serious aggression issues.


Others mate immediately or take time 


To add another, choose one of the same species. So if it's an ocellaris you want to stick with ocellaris or percula.


You want one that is smaller than what you have because yours has been a singular clown, so it's female now. 


You don't want a tiny baby but you don't want one the same or similar size. 

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