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Invert only 7g nano


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Hey guys, im new here.


I have some fishkeeping experience, but im curious as to what you think of my plans for an invert only 7g minibow.


Is it possible, that I can make this tank work with maybe a pair of cleaner shrimp, a few snails and crabs, and no water changes at all and maybe a tiny bit of food once a week? I want a very low mantainence tank, thats why I left out fish. I will add some live sand and maybe 10 pounds quality live rock. Maybe I can get away with changing water like one gallon a month with this setup? I will topoff with distilled every day, but I wuld like that to be the only daily mantainence. i will add no corals, so i will only haave maybe 15watt lighting or something, 50/50 pc so it looks cool.

this wuld be very conveniant since im away alot.


please tell me what you think.


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My cleaner shrimp eats as much as my clownfish does (and still acts like it is starving). However, I would think that the crabs and snails would be OK (although hungry hermit crabs like to eat snails). Once you get enough coralline, you might be able to keep a Royal Urchin.

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cleaners get quite large. i got tired of mine in my 7.5 and moved him to my 80 because of his size. he was fine healthwise its just he started to overwhelm the tank. two would almost constantly be touching.


you can do what you plan pretty easily, but you should count on at least some water changes. it is just better for the system. shrimp are more vulnerable to nitrates than any other animals and you need to remove it with water changes. a gallon every couple weeks should be fine i would think. maybe quite a bit less if you go with smaller/no shrimp. 4-5 sexy shrimp would be a better choice IMO. they can more easily feed (a little) off the rock. or maybe an all crab tank with a porcelain crab?





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