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NanoBox Featured Tank Profiles : New Profile 5/30/18

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NanoBox will be featuring tanks that we come across on social media, Reddit and other platforms other than Nano-Reef. We wanted to highlight customers that do not regularly/never post on the forums. We hope to make this a monthly or bi-monthly thread for you to enjoy! 


The first tank is Huy's Red Sea Reefer 170 paired with a NanoBox Wide Quad. 


Equipment List : 

NanoBox Wide Quad 

Water circulation: Vortech mp10 & Aqamai kps on random flow

Skimmer: Aquamaxx ws-1
Return pump : Jebao dct-4000
Temp controller : Inkbird itc-308 attached to a 100w heater and a clip-on fan for those hot days. I keep the tank around 78-79 degrees. 
Doser: Jebao dp4 to keep alkalinity and calcium stable. Dkh around 7.8-8, calcium 400, mag 1320
Ato: Smart ato micro 
Aqua vitro fuel for amino acids 3 drops daily.
Potassium, vitamin c (beneficial for zoanthids), and magnesium is added to my top off reservoir. 
Bi-Weekly 5g water changes
MiniReef Reefer StartMiniReef ReeferMiniReef ReeferMiniReef Reefer25568713117_161e4ab005_b.jpg
Huy runs his own light schedule that works really well for his reef. 
MiniReef Light SettingsMiniReef Graph


Give Huy a follow on Instagram! Minireef114




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oooooh. I want to see more. Might I suggest daily featured tanks...? ;-)  jk, like you've got time for that!  This is a fantastic idea regardless. Looking forward to em.

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wonderful idea and beautiful tank.

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That is a very nice tank!  Very good color with the lights and excellent photography.


I want to see more.

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Fantastic idea! 



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This is a great idea, I love being able to see what everyone runs for their light schedules and what their corals look like under different lighting parameters!

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New tank profile! Katie Morris. She has been a member on Nano-Reef but regularly updates on Instagram. I reached out to share her success! 


What I love about her tank is how simple it is! 


Equipment :

Nuvo 20 Fusion
Sicce 1.5 return pump
Older NanoBox Duo
Unknown heater
 stock pump from my Nuvo 10 as extra flow in the display.
Dosing/Additives :
No dosing , but do use Fuel and Reef Roids
Light Schedule :
Morning 7:00 am with ramp up time at 60 minutes 42% blue and 4% white
Midday blues are at 64% and whites at 9%
Evening blues are at 46% and whites at 4%
Night is at 5:00 pm with blues at 1.5%
Maintenance/Water Change Schedule :
Water changes happen weekly - sometimes it's bi-weekly depending on how heavy I'm feeding. Usually 5-7 gallons at a time.
Katie M Tank ProfileKatie M Tank ProfileKatie M Tank ProfileKatie M Tank ProfileKatie M Tank ProfileKatie M Tank Profile

 Katie also have a very simple nano tank using a Mini Tide, HOB and heater. 

Katie M Tank Profile



Hope you enjoy! 


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Lovely tank.  Love the Acans

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Next up is @kguske2 Innovative Marine IM10. His tank has been set up for some time now but has had a few ups and downs. It is currently on the rebound but I wanted to show this off due to a few "designer" corals still hanging in with nearly no maintenance. He started with a few SPS and found that his current life schedule may cater more towards zoas, mushrooms and LPS. 


1) Tank: IM Fusion 10

     Light: Nanobox Duo - before they got all skinny! lol

     Flow: MP10

     Return: Sicce Syncra 0.5

     Heater: Cobalt Neotherm

     Filtration: Intank Media Basket with filter floss and activated carbon


2) No dosing. Wanted the tank to be a simple as possible. Feed a mixture of Omega One flakes, Thera A pellets, and Reef-Roids. No particular schedule, just sort of whenever I walk by the tank and have a free moment. 

3) Light Schedule: 

   Sunrise: 12pm 

   Sunset: 10pm

   Ramp: 120 minutes

   Channel Intensity: Blues(Channel A): 100 Whites (Channel B) : 25

4) The goal is ~ 4 gallons every 2-3 weeks with Instant Ocean Sea Salt, but its been about once a month for the past 8-9 months


The start :


Old Duo converted to gooseneck :


Top Down :


Shrooms :


Current FTS :



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New profile! I want to thank @ninjamyst for taking the time to do this. 


His EVO 12g has been setup for sometime and was one of the first nano peninsulas that I found online. This to date is one of my favorites on the web! Great job Jacky! 


To note this unit only runs two channels!


  1. What tank and equipment do you use?
    • Fluval EVO 12 tank
    • NanoBox Tide
    • Cobalt MJ1200 pump
    • Neotherm Heater
  2. Do you dose or add additives?
    • Nope, just regular water changes
  3. What is your current lighting schedule and thoughts? Any thing you would change? 
    • I am using the older storm controller and doing 150 blue and 35 white with 2 hours ramp up.  Love the crisp blue light the Nanobox gives off.  
  4. Water change method?
    • 20% water change and sandbed vacuum every week.  Once every 3 months, I will take the rock out and vacuum the detritus underneath.  I replace carbon and phosguard every 2 weeks.  I had an issue with bryopsis but was able to knock that out with one dose of fluconazole.  






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