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Input on setup 100L tank 90x30x20

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First of all, I would like to thank you for a very interesting and educational forum! Great fun to share this interest with like-minded people!
I have recently been interested in saltwater aquariums and after a lot of reading and help I have come to a set up that I would like to have some comments and help around.

What I'm planning to do is a place-built furniture right out of the wall (Tank 100cm - 120cm up). See attached sketch.

The build in general is planned to consist of the following parts:

Tank: Optiwhite 90x30x20 / 8mm thickness / Bottomdrilled x 3
Sump: Building myself / 50 Liter
Overflowbox: Builds own in acrylic (Will sit centered in short side to wall)
Lighting: Nano Box Quad Plus (Hanging)
Streamer: Echotec MP10 (Flow: 750 - 5962 l/h)
Return pump: Tunze 1073.020 (200-2400 l/h, max lift 2m)
ATO: Tunze 3155
Heater: Jäger 75W

I will run a "Herbie overflow" solution with a main pipe and an "emergency pipe". The third hole will be used by the return pump trough the overflowbox and out.

I have some questions, above all, that I find difficult to read, but as I see that more people have thoughts about. Pipe/hole dimensions and space between the holes i tank.

What would you recommend for dimensions for this set up and what is your recommendations about drilling holes and the space between them (Bottom in a line), and also how far from the wall/corner should they be?

If yoy have any other comments and tips about this i would be more than happy!

Thank you for your help and thanks for a great forum!

PS. Excuse my English, writing this from Sweden. Skipped to many classes in school! :-)



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