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Flow rate video comparison: Koralia 240 vs Cascade 300. Help me pick a powerhead!

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Hello nano-reefers! I'm putting together a 5g pico, and the original plan was to use a Hydor Koralia 240 for circulation. However, my Penn Plax tank came packaged with a centrifugal pump. While I expected it to be junk (only rated for 70 GPH vs 240 for the Koralia), it's surprisingly strong. 


Attached for your viewing pleasure is 8 minutes of a ribbon float around the tank, alternating between both pumps. The Koralia is on the left and moves the ribbon clockwise. The Penn Plax Cascade is on the right and moves things counter clockwise. I've removed the audio because I have a cold and my breathing is disturbingly wheezy at the moment. I thought you might be able to hear the difference between the two pumps but they're both too quite compared to me breathing and my kid watching TV in the other room. So enjoy the silence, I won't subject you to my music preferences (this time):



All things being equal, I'd prefer the Koralia over the Cascade because I feel like it will be more reliable, and it's dead silent. The Cascade makes some noise, though tolerable (my wife said it was silent before hearing the Koralia for comparison). But the Cascade is moving way more water, and as the only pump in the tank I think will be much better for even soft corals once rock work is blocking flow. 


Please help me decide! Is the Cascade too strong? Is the Koralia sufficient and worth it for the reliability and silence? Which would you choose?!?! 

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