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Neotherm 100W Melted!

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Yesterday I decided to make water for my normal water change and stuck my normal Neotherm 100W Heater on the inside of my 5 gal bucket as normal and left for a brief time, to return home to a hot/smokey smell. I noticed my mixing bucket had black small drops of "oil" floating in it and the heater had no lights on when plugged in. I immediately unplugged it and let it cool and removed it to find a huge crack down the side, after I placed it down the whole back panel cracked off. I noticed severe burn marks... Upon further investigation the heater was shorted to the water (electrifying it). I then contacted Neotherm who will be sending me a new one, but my trust in this brand has gone down significantly..... any thoughts on this brand?






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They are very good "bullet proof" heaters and this is not common.  I wouldn't worry too much.  It may have cracked/damaged in shipping, handling, manufacturing on your end etc.


Good thing it was your water change bucket.

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Not common but the 300w a few yrs ago had this issue. 

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