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Torch not opening fully

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I have had this Torch for about 6 months. It split about 2 months ago and since then hasn't had good polyp extension.  It is in the same location as when it was opening up fully.  My frogspawns and trumpets are doing very well.  Suggestions?  Attached is a picture.



29 gallon with internal filtration

ChemiPure Elite

Lightmetunnel (Mars Aqua Knockoff) - 50% blue, 15% White

Bi-Weekly water changes



Alk - 8

Phosphates - undetectable at LFS 

Calc 490

Nitrates - <10

Salinity - 1.26

Temp - 78



file (1).jpeg

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from the picture it looks fine. you can try a little less flow and see if that helps.

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At one point the tentacles were about 2 inches long.  They now only extend about .5-1".  Could just be a result of splitting since all my other LPS are doing well.  

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I don't think it has anything to do with your torch, but your calcium seems a tad high. Are you dosing? Have your alkalinity and salinity been stable? Those two parameters will affect your torch if they bounce around much. 

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  • Not dosing anything.  I do bi-weekly water changes with Reef Crystals and keep my salinity very stable.  
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