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Shoob1es tiki garden

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Its been a little while since I've been here mostly busy with work. But I downsized from my 100g as I hated the deminsions, and picked up a red sea 250 from a local reefing buddy last year and here's where I'm at now. 



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I threw in rock initially hated it, couldn't come up with a build after couple hours so said forget it. Jester6 is 30 mins from my house so he came over one morning and did a little fixing. 3 islands the middle island is literally a full zoa garden with pretty decent collection of zoa. I do have my "higher end" ones growing out on that rock as well on domes on the bottom of the tank. ( bowsers, Miami vice, scarfaces, wwc purple monsters, bbed, Cb rainbows, sunny ds, vivid rainbows, hals, pink hals, Hawaiian pals, salted agaves plus many more.

Equipment is 

S-cone 150

3 ai prime hd

2 gyre xf230

Can't remember the return pump, all from my 100g. 

I've kept it pretty simple so far added a Refugiem, looking to upgrade to a hybrid light with t5. 

Also started breeding clowns with a buddy ;)

Couple pics. 



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Some of the davincis we though up our first batch of them, I had to catch my 2 clowns I've had for almost 2 years and a 6line to put them in but well worth it. There are 9 in the red sea. They just hit 4months. We also have 2 Picasso's, frostbite and Darwin pair and a mocha pair. Just doing it for fun and supplying local reef community's with nice fish for cheap. Also just added a mckoskters wrasse last night 

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Got these two Into the tank last night. Mckocksters wrasse and a lime wrasse. They really bring a lot of movement into the tank. And a side boob shot



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Picked up a couple frags from a local reefer, artic freeze, red planet, montis - purple, orange and green, and a purple slurp. Sorry for the shit cell pics


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