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DIY frag setup

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Looking to start a small frag grow out tank. Not lookin. For anything too complicated or expensive. I have a 4 bulb T5 fixture already just need new bulbs. Could I get away with just a HOB Filter and a wavepump? I have a Jebao SW-2 I’m not using. I’ll go barebotttom and have some rubble in it from my current sump. Just really need a tank/ or a useable container. What would everyone suggest?

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Sounds like it would work 

I have a 60gallon frag tank and the only “rock” I have in there are two brightwell legos and 5lbs of Fiji mud. Yes a Hob will work that what almost all people who sell frags at frag swaps do it’s cheap and easy

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Maybe a hydroponic tray or have some glass cut for you and make a shallow tank. If you have the money there's other custom or pre existing options like the IM 25 lagoon, JBJ 20g, or some of Ocean box designs frag tanks.

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