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Green Bubble Coral Health (Possibly dying??)

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Hello All!

As the title suggests, I have a green bubble coral that is currently undergoing some tough times. The lower-center portion of the skeleton is  gone, but I still get decent extension from the remaining sections of the coral (I'll have pictures posted below). I've had this coral for roughly 4 months, and prior to this injury it would be roughly 9 inches across. This all started after a 20% water change and i believe, but not a 100%, I bumped the coral. I didn't notice any popped bubbles or severe pressing/pinching. This was roughly 2-3 weeks ago from now. Since then, the coral has shown progression and regression in different facets. The coral originally excreted a brown, mucous-like substance, but this stopped roughly 10 days ago (originally thought the coral had brown-jelly). Since then, the sides extend to a decent length, but the middle slowly is deteriorating. Any help would be greatly appreciated and tank specs will be below. Thanks!

Tank Setup:

14k white LED's with moonlights (low to moderate lighting) (bubble is currently in a moderate-light location)

532 gph (2 pumps alternating on wavemaker) (anywhere from low to high) (bubble is currently in low flow)

SG:  1.026

Calcium: 440

Alkalinity: between 120-140 mg/L (had to use test strips because kit was out of date)

nitrates: <10

nitrites: 0

ammonia: 0

also have been using recent iodine supplement (has opened better since using supplement)


2 percula clowns

2 3 stripe damselfish

1 yellow-tail damsel

toadstool leather

eagle-eye polyps

green-eye zoas

kenya tree

purple-tip, green bubble anemone

red trachyphyllia 

green star-polyp

The photos below in order are: the bubble closed up for better view of injury, the bubble a week after injury, the bubble two weeks after injury, the bubble a few months ago pre-injury





IMG_0102 (2).jpg

IMG_0114 (1).PNG

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Bubble coral is very delicate and an injury can easily cause it to go downhill.


It's in rough shape, a lugols dip may help.

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I'll give the iodine dip a shot a little later in the week, since the bubble has been opening a little more each day. It's just that one spot that is showing no signs of recovery 

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