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Help, Torch corals dying? flesh is receding

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Hello all, attached is a picture of one of my torch corals, it seems like the flesh/skin is receding. Its also starting to do this on my other torches :( 
Im running an Ai prime hd (I might have used too much intensity) and im running a reef glass protein skimmer, with chemipure elite and purigen in my media basket. could flow possible make corals recede like this or the light?

all my parameters are listed below:

Ammonia: 0
nitrite: 0

nitrate: 5

ph 8.2~8.4

phosphate (hanna checker) : 0.03 (been lowering them, they were at 0.07)

calcium: 425

alkalinity: 8.5

magnesium: (dont have a test kit, should be normal.. I due weekly water changes of 23%)


Im really starting to get worried.. spent a lot of money on my torches, please help :( 


I played around with my ai prime light intensity, nothing worked.. im starting to think it may be too much flow that is the problem..


Let me know!



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Too much flow can definitely cause torches to recede. Move them to an area of very little flow. Also, alkalinity swings will have an ill effect on euphilia, so make sure you are keeping it as stable as possible.  In my experience, once they start to recede it is difficult to stop it. The quicker you act the more likely you are to succeed. Good luck

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