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Help! Acro fading from the bototom

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Help! Sorry, not a great pic. This has been doing well for over a month now. Was starting to encrust more, but started to kind of brown/white out on the bottom.. tissue is still there, just very faded. This has been getting worse very slowly over the last week or two. Any ideas? I used to feed reef roids and phyto every day, but started to do it less frequently.. could it be from lack of nutrients? I dose acropower as well. All other acros look fine, I have noticed my pink lemonade acro not looking quite as fuzzy as usual though.. 
Alk-9 (and steady)
Nitrates- 0 or almost on api test kit..
Using a Coral Moon Box LED.  I turned the light up a small amount before this started..
Any ideas? Thanks!


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Browning can be due to lack of light.

Going white base up is usually due to lack of flow.


Corals can appear to do well for weeks and go downhill rapidly afterwards, especially sps.



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Hmm, might frag this guy from the good part up and glue it to the rock.. 

Thats why i turned my lights up, just because I was worried it wasnt enough since I could see areas of shadow that were not getting any light. It seems like everything else has good color and is growing :/

But its definitely getting good light where it is. And I have a 150gph HOB filled with chaeto, and two hydor Koralias, 240 and 425gph, both on opposite sides and pointed at the middle of the front glass. So it gets a pretty strong random blast.


Yea seriously! Hoping this one pulls through, is gorgeous when its happy. WWC Water Moccasin Acro

Thanks for the reply!

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