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Should a skimmer produce so many bubbles in the aquarium


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I have an Aqua-Medic Percula 90 and every time i put the skimmer on it produces white foam which just turns into water and air bubbles start to produce in the aquarium. Is this normal foam and should air bubbles be appearing?

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cain, the foam you speak of is the by-product of the skimmer. eventually it'll turn from white to brown crap. you need to adjust the flow (or amount of air) that is allowed to flow through the skimmer, until you aren't getting a ton of foam. it's basically trial and error, if your cup fills up with clear water, turn it down, if it doesn't produce anything at all, turn it up some :) i'm not familiar with that particular skimmer, does it hang on the back? or does it sit in your tank? if it hangs on the back, bubbles shouldn't be leaving the skimmer. if it is in your tank, then it is normally used in a sump, and has no mechanism to keep the bubbles from leaving it.


but for your CPR bak-pak, provided that its a bak-pak 2, you can buy a bubble trap for it. it also doubles as a surface skimmer, and does an excellent job hiding the ugly rio pump. its virtually invisible if your backround is painted black.


also, don't forget to turn the skimmer back up after a while, it'll eventually quit spitting out so many bubbles. another thing i've found that helps is to thouroughly clean the collection cup with scolding hot water.

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The percula 90 is a package right? It is the tank, light , filter, and skimmer. I think the skimmer is a needle wheel but I am not sure if it hangs on back or what. The instructions tha came with the package should tell you how to correctly adjust the skimmer for the perfect foam. If not I would email or call the manufacturer and ask them how to adjust the air or flow of water through the skimmer.

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