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Y'all! I trained my fish! Haha!

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Yesterday I brought home a pipefish for my 30 liter tank and I was a little worried because I already have a strawberry dottyback so I didn't know how they would get along. After acclimating I put the pipefish in one corner to kind of keep him hidden at first, but in true dottyback fashion he decided to give some punches to his new tank mate. Well I wasn't having that so I sat next to the tank and whenever the dotty would get too close to the pipefish I would point my finger at him and scare him. After 20 min things seemed to calm down so I decided to give them some space. I kept a really close eye on them and it's now the next day. They are best buds lol they hang out in the same places together and there is no fighting. Both look happy and healthy. 


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Nice my fish always do that as well. I think it’s just a way of deciding the order of dominance. Once the fish has been correctly established in the line, they stop fighting (unless it’s an aggressive fish)


so maybe you just made the dottyback think the pipe was stronger and now it doesn’t dare nip him :D 

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